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The system of advertising streams controls of RTBsystem was created in July, 2013 by team of programmers and managers with 10 years' experience in the markets of online advertising of Russia, Ukraine,USA and countries of the European Union. We were founders of the first projects in the advertising sphere in Internet of the European Union which work with success today.

The idea of our new RTBsystem project is borrowed in the USA where the first Real Time Bidding technologies were effectively involved in 2008.Then they had won since then more than 10 percent of the advertising market with a turnover about $1,5 billion. We studied the strong and weaknesses sites of RTBsystem by our colleagues and now it is the most perfect Real Time Bidding technology in the world today.

Each advertising network owns a database about the Internet users which was created in the course of its own work. The RTBsystem technology allowed to collect base from a set of large sources therefore we know about each user of any site much more than any working company at this market. And also developed system of targeting in detail allows to define ideal audience for each advertisement. Such system is extremely favorable as a platform which places the announcement and to the advertiser who pays for a click on it. Both of them are using all advantages of RTBsystem and don't incur today the additional expenses with intermediary company which is between them and advertising networks which are provided by our help. Instead of being client of one advertising network through RTBsystem you are connected at once to a set of such networks which are using advantages of each of them or to audience interesting to you.

The platform income and CTR of announcements placed on it increase on the average in one and a half time!

For today RTBsystem has eight partners of large domestic and foreign advertising networks, engaged in distribution of tiserny advertising. Now we are working on the connection of the leading international companies specialised on a contextual and media advertising.

In some years Real Time Bidding technology will completely change online advertising market. Be first! Join RTBsystem!

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