How it works?

Linking-up immediately to dozens of advertising networks by way of one resource! This used to be a fantasy yesterday; but today it is a thoroughly developed technology. RTBsystem spreads your advertisement to many channels on infinite number of advertisement platforms in compliance with personal and exact customized targeting on RTBsystem. There is absolutely no fee for starting a campaign!

The RTB technology or Real Time Bidding comes from the USA, where it has already worked up 10 percent of the whole online-advertisement market and will win the whole market in the long term. It is a unique brokers' board in which the advertiser buys clicks and exposures not by bundles but at retail per individual unit – getting a full return from every visitor.

RTBsystem Technology

Owing to the large database of Internet users, which is owned by RTBsystem with intricate sharp-cut targeting, your advertisement is shown to the user with 100% probability of their interest. We know exactly how to find your ideal clients by RTBsystem utilizing our unique algorithm of controlling advertising flows.

The main idea of Real Time Bidding is in the immediate scanning of all information about the user, who recently visited some sources, which then leads to showing ads which suit the user’s interests strongly. All the ads are being selected in the way of auction, where relevancy of subject matter and a higher cost per click matter greatly.

As outlined, we believe these are the reasons for all the other highly-visited resources to settle down to RTB systems, including their preference. Collaborating as the one company webmasters may sell their advertising platforms immediately through plenty of advertising networks – that is how our technology works.

Why do you need this?

RTBsystem offers you the use of the Real Time Bidding service without spending money and time on mastering the conditions of any other company which works in online-advertising. With our help, you may effectively merchandise your goods and services on domestic and foreign markets using only one convenient interface, which helps you to be the client of dozens of the largest advertising systems of the world!

For now, 8 domestic and foreign companies are involved in spreading captivating "native ads" in RTBsystem. At the moment, we are working on collaborating with both Russian and International networks, spreading contextual and media advertisement.

Who are we?

RTBsystem was built up by an experienced team of programmers and advertising managers, who have worked for 10 years on advertising innovations and created many successful Russian and foreign companies in this sphere. Real Time Bidding is the newest technology for Russian-speaking Internet space, which we successfully explored in the USA, and now, developed and improved, we offer it to you today!

Join RTBsystem!


Make a real profit from selling advertisements at your website at the highest price with us!

Our advanced technology will analyse your visitors and content of dozens of advertising networks in a split second!

Thus the system will define the most profitable option for you with the most interesting and catching advertisement for each unique visitor of your website. Choose your ad type, relevant category of ads, desirable CPC rate and leave the rest on us!