Targeting and analytics

RTBsystem owns the largest database of Internet users – its bulk greatly exceeds other databases. For your benefit, we engineered a detailed and clear targeting system for you. Using these settings will help us gather your potential clients from all the visitors and bring them to your website.

Demographic Targeting

RTBsystem knows the sex, age, level of education, marital and social status of the visitor of any resource of the partnership network within RTBsystem. It also knows if the user has children, an automobile, house, and their habits of having spare time. You may set the needed characteristics of the client and choose for the user’s suitable needs as subjects of the Internet resources, on which you would like to see your ads.

Geographic determinants targeting

Of course, RTBsystem knows in which country and city every user lives, what language he speaks and what time the user opens websites. Setting the geographic characteristics of targeting, you will get your ad to the user on time and in the location desired!

Behavioral Determinants Targeting

RTBsystem knows when users within the platform are on the Internet, in what purpose the user does it, what sites they visit and why. Also, what things they search for, and what goods and services they buy. We are ready to share this information with you when we learn your own preference about your audience. All you need is to indicate it in your personal virtual office.

Technologic determinants targeting

What device and browser must your client use to visit your website? Once we receive this information, RTBsystem will lead the owners of desired devices to your website. We also know what speed their Internet connection has!


Somebody visited your website, but did not buy anything? We can help! Just configure retargeting settings and your advertisement will follow the user through the other resources reminding him of your product or service. The possibility of the positive result will grow by nearly 1.5 times!

Monitoring the effectiveness of your ads

You may control all the information about the amounts of money spent on every single ad, the number of clicks and exposures, click price, etc. This is available in your personal cabinet on the website of RTBsystem over any period of time. We developed a very detailed analytics system, which you can try after being registered on RTBsystem. There you will also be able to correct all your ads settings.


Make a real profit from selling advertisements at your website at the highest price with us!

Our advanced technology will analyse your visitors and content of dozens of advertising networks in a split second!

Thus the system will define the most profitable option for you with the most interesting and catching advertisement for each unique visitor of your website. Choose your ad type, relevant category of ads, desirable CPC rate and leave the rest on us!