The most frequent questions from Advertisers

What do I need to start working?

First of all, register on RTBSystem, choose the settings for your advertising campaign, create an advertisement and refill the balance for your campaign.

Your ads will expose right after your balance is refilled and your ads are verified by the moderator regarding to their compliance to legal and ethical standards.

How can I pay for my campaign?

Payment is made in the process of creating the advertising campaign in the Advertiser’s Account. Your campaign will start only after the balance is refilled and verification of informers is made by the moderator regarding to their compliance to legal and ethical standards.

What is the minimal budget for starting the campaign?

The minimum amount to top up is $100.

Can I have a test-campaign?

You can test our system (with a minimal budget of $100) without refilling the balance till the campaign stops, then estimate indicators of campaign, and solve whether you would like continue working with RTBsystem.

For what does the Advertiser pay: clicks or exposures?

For now RTBsystem works by paying for the clicks.

What is the minimum, average price for a click?

The minimum price for a click in RTBsystem is $0,02, average - $0,05-0,07.

What does the price depend on?

The price depends on many factors, including category of advertised goods, competition level in the niche chosen, the settings of geotargeting, CTR of your announcement, etc.

Can I change the prices?

You can set an acceptable ceiling price for a click in the Advertiser’s Account during the process of creation of an advertising campaign after registration on RTBsystem. In case the price established isn’t suitable anymore, you will be able to change it.

After the start of the campaign adjusting the price for a click is very important to regulate the quantity of clicks. The price for a click at high CTR will fall, and ads will be shown more often, therefore you will be able to decrease the initial rate or to leave it former.

It is recommended to raise the price for a click at low CTR, as the established price for a click and CTR will influence the number of exposures and further quantity of clicks.

What does the auction price formation mean?

The number of exposures of each of your ads will depend on a ceiling price for a click which you establish during an advertising campaign in the Advertiser’s Account on RTBsystem.

The higher the price is (in comparison with the prices of competitors), the more exposures and clicks your ad will get.

The higher the competition level in a niche occupied by you is, the higher rates in the auction are.

How can I define my budget?

You will be able to trace the indicators of your advertisements, such as price for a click and CTR (a ratio of quantity of clicks to number of displays) and also the condition of your balance in your Advertiser’s Account on RTBsystem.

Being guided by these indicators you will be able to define easily what budget is the most convenient for you to operate in our system.

What can I see in the Advertiser’s Account?

In the Advertiser’s Account you will be able to trace statistics of your advertising campaigns, such as: the quantity of clicks, CTR, and the condition of your balance. Also, you will be able to operate the settings of the started advertising campaigns or to create new campaigns.

What types of targeting exist on RTBsystem?

Now on RTBsystem Geographic Determinants Targeting and Technologic Determinants Targeting are available for Advertisers. Besides, we offer Retargeting Service (exposing to the user, who has made purchase on your site, similar goods) and Automatic Retargeting (the repeated direction of your advertising for the users who have visited your site, but didn’t make purchases).

Time Targeting, Demographic Targeting, and Behavioral Determinants Targeting will soon appear in our system.

How does the native ad look like?

A native ad is one of the types of the Internet ads. It consists of a short text with a title and the description of goods, and an image of goods (the minimum size of an image is 200x200px.)

The whole surface is an active hyperlink to the Advertiser’s website.

The examples of advertising blocks with native ads you can learn here

What are the demands for native ads?

The text and the image mustn’t:

  • - break a legislative ban on advertising of goods and services;
  • - have openly erotic or pornographic content;
  • - contain appeals to violence, war, overthrow of a political system;
  • - contain signs of religious, racial, gender, etc. types of intolerance;
  • - include obscene words;
  • - violate the law in the sphere of copyright protection;
  • - repeat each other completely in a text part or in images, even if the references placed in ads conduct on different pages of a site or on different sites.

Do you provide the Advertisers with the protection against “wrapping”?

RTBsystem provides the Advertisers with a double protection against "bad" clicks. First, we have our own system, which fights against “wrapping”, second, our partners own similar systems. In other words, each click on your ad is examined twice.

Why should I choose your service?

As well as the all numerous advertising networks, we offer you the service of the automated advertising. Our system is the most effective and cheapest way of advertising, because it allows you, by means of targeting system, capturing your target audience precisely and paying money only for specific target actions of the users chosen: in our case it is the transitions to the Advertiser’s website.

However, RTBsystem is more than just an advertising network. We provide our clients with connection service to several advertising networks at once and, respectively, much bigger coverage of audience than one of them can offer.