Formats of ads on the Internet

For now, 8 domestic and foreign companies are involved in spreading captivating native ad ads in RTBsystem. With the help of our technology, you may place the ads in 2 kinds of blocks: informers or popunders.

Advertisement informers on RTBsystem

An Advertising informer may consist of one or more native ads. Native Ad is a short text message about a good or service with a picture. Informers usually have a form and size of many prevalent banners, which is why they may be placed on the overwhelming majority of the platforms.

Advertisement popunders on RTBsystem

An Advertising popunder is a separate browser inlay, which consists of tens of different advertising native ads. While opening the site with the native ad attached, the popunder hides behind its window and shows up to the user only after they close all their windows. The inlay is in the user’s sight and nothing distracts his attention from it, that’s why the effectiveness of such methods of advertisement is obvious.

Text ads, banners, Ad units, video, and animation

At the moment, we are working on collaborating with majority of the advertising networks, spreading contextual and media advertising. This means that in a long term you will be able to use all the forms of online advertisement – different kinds of banners, text ads, video, animated films, and Ad units.

Join us right now, and get ready to use all the resources of our newest technology in online advertising!


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