Native Ad Units available in RTB system

Native Ad Unit/widget may consist of one or several ad units. Ad unit is a picture with a short text describing publicized good or service. Dimensions of native ad units/widgets are usually similar to dimensions of prevalent banners, which is why they may be placed on the majority of websites.

Native Ad Unit

Native ad unit is an advertising block, consisting of an image, a short text with a title, describing publicized good, and links directly to the advertiser's website. One or several advertising blocks can be included into the native ad unit. Native Ad informer

With the text covers up an image

Text describing publicized good appears over the image when mousing over it

With the text on the hovered image

With the text over an image

Consists of an image and text over it

With the text on an image

Text widget

Consists of the text, title and a link to the advertiser’s website

A textual informer without a picture

Rubber widget

Widget hovers along with the page as the visitor scrolls it down

A ‘rubber’ Ad unit stretches in height

Horizontally oriented rubber Native Ad Unit

Stretches across the entire width of the page

A ‘rubber’ Ad unit

Attached in the footer

Native Ad Unit is placed in the footer of the page, scrolls along with the page

Attached to a footer

Pop-up ad

Lies as a new web browser window, hidden under the active window and displays ad units

Advertising pop-under

Pop-up ad opens in a new active window over the content of the website

Opens after the visitor clicks wherever on the content of the website and lies over the webpage

JS pop-under informer opening in a browser window after clicking

Widget with a 'wave' effect

Images topple over in certain time periods, thus making a 'wave' effect and generating great results

Wave effect

Native Ad Unit with a 'drum' effect

A sliding row of ad units which reminds of a slow film shots change, thus creating a 'drum' effect in the widget

With a 'drum' effect

Sidebar Ad

A floating vertically oriented ad type, which appears in the right side of the page after opening


Creeping Line Ad

Text widget with rolling text announcements


Mobile Ads

Slimmed down version of online display ad that would appear on a desktop screen. Lies over the content website. May be shut down immediately. Otherwise will be shown to the visitor during a chosen time-period

Mobile ads
QR Code generator

Native Ad Unit with hidden additional ad units shown when the visitor mouse over it

Widget hides a panel with additional ad units, which appear after the visitor mouse over the main ad unit

Informer with additional native ad

Native Ad Unit shown to casual users

Appears when a casual user closes website

Informer in popap, open on click to close the window or tab

Flash - banner

Vector graphics allows to obtain animation effects even in the small sized banners. Flash-banners look much more attractive than gif or jpg.

Informer in popap, open on click to close the window or tab

Alternative mobile ad unit

Is a quite pleasing and presentable in appearance ad unit. Is always placed on the footer of the screen. Mobile ad unit is a great solution for sites with both mobile and web traffic. Since it's possible to turn any web ad unit into alternative mobile ad unit.

Informer in popap, open on click to close the window or tab