Financial Matters

Experience has shown that the income of a platform and an advertiser increases by nearly 1.5 times when connecting to the Real Time Bidding system. Owing to this fact, RTB-technologies today made a revolution on the American advertising market, where they were effectively tried out in 2008. Today the money turnover in RTBsystem comes to about $1.5 Billion.

What is the price for using the online-advertisement exchange?

The minimal advertising budget for connecting to RTBsystem is $100. As the price per click in native ad networks is low comparing to contextual and media systems, this amount is enough to test our technology successfully within a few weeks.

To have the opportunity of calculating the advertising budget - connect to RTBsystem in test-mode. Dissolving the agreement is possible at any moment.

The price per click on RTBsystem

RTBsystem does not take any fee from partners while connecting to the system – you pay only for the conditions of your advertisement network which will expose your ads to the many users. The price per click for native ads seldom increases $ 0.15, but it may run as high as $ 0.40.

We recommend you to remember that your ads will be shown if they win the auction by having the maximum bid for click among the other ads.

The set bid per click does not mean that every click will cost you this price. The price per click depends on many factors, such as: the subject-matter of the website, where your ads will appear, the region, where the targeted audience is, the level of competition in your commercial niche, and this price is not anyhow connected with your set price highs.


Make a real profit from selling advertisements at your website at the highest price with us!

Our advanced technology will analyse your visitors and content of dozens of advertising networks in a split second!

Thus the system will define the most profitable option for you with the most interesting and catching advertisement for each unique visitor of your website. Choose your ad type, relevant category of ads, desirable CPC rate and leave the rest on us!