About the system

Profitable usage of advertising offers at your website means to sell it at the highest price! Make this possible with us!

On the one hand, RTBsysten uses the information of multiple ad networks, and on the other, of each visitor of your website.

Hence, in a split second our system exposes the most profitable advertisiment, defining it for every unique visitor of your resource.

All you have to do is install our native ad units at your site and manage your campaigns at your option if needed. The rest will be done by the system itself!

What is RTB?

RTBsystem, or so-called Real Time Bidding system is the latest modern technology, with ads and websites as objects of purchase and sale. Both Publisher and Advertiser set up advanced targetting settings for their campaigns, which are immediately analysed by the system. Once your settings match advertisers' and visitors' demands, suitable advertisement will be displayed at your website. Thus your chances to find a target high-quality click grows instantly.

Why do you need this?

Choosing the one ad network only is now needlessly! Examine, track the statistics, use benefits from all known ad networks with only one native ad unit at your website! Take your chance to high profit with us!

RTB system cooperates with a wide range of well-known ad networks all over the world. With our partner networks we provide native advertisements, banners, contextual ads, ads for mobile devices, etc. We permanently work on new tasty offers and opportunities for our partners and clients. So don't miss it!

Join us

Our team was the first to launch such kind of project succesfull within former CIS countries.

Now, having a 10 years experience in cooperation with the leading advertising companies in European, Asian and North American countries, we keep following the newest events in online advertising sphere. After we systematized and improved experience of the most powerful and modern advertising projects in the USA, we have created this revolutionary technology. And we would like to share it with you!

Try it in the test-mode to see how it goes with your own eyes. Break it up at any moment and don't forget to take your money - even using our system during a test-mode, you will receive money earned by your website. We bet our reputation – you lose nothing!


Link to dozens of advertising networks with only one source is no longer just a fantasy! You are now able to spread your advertisements through many channels on a near-infinite number of platforms, in full compliance with personalized and targeted settings of ads on RTBsystem. You pay absolutely no fees for it!