Settings and Analytics

After registering on RTBsystem, you are able to control the earnings and correct all the ads settings.

Earnings statistics

You always keep up the newest exponents properly, earned by every advertising network over any period of time. It will help you to correct the minimal bids per click for the platforms and experiment with the content.

Content settings

RTBsystem has a lot of partners and advertisers with different content and audiences, that is why we developed a special filter which is able to limit or exclude inadmissible advertising content on your website. You may choose one of three levels of filtration, or refuse to use the filter at all.

Setting ads parameters

Of course, once indicated advertising platforms are not indicated forever – any chosen parameters can be changed on your own or with our help. While the new partners specializing on spreading different formats and kinds of ads are joining RTBsystem, you have the opportunity to experiment with these forms.


Start the job today – join RTBsystem! Even using our system in the test-mode for the chosen time-period, you will get the money earned by your platform. Leave your request to withdraw the money in a special form in your own virtual cabinet. Payments are made on Fridays in the first and third week of each month. The minimal amount of earning to withdraw is $25.


Link to dozens of advertising networks with only one source is no longer just a fantasy! You are now able to spread your advertisements through many channels on a near-infinite number of platforms, in full compliance with personalized and targeted settings of ads on RTBsystem. You pay absolutely no fees for it!