Frequently asked questions

What kind of sites do you work with?

We accept all kinds of sites with more than 3000 visitors per day. We don't allow sites related to any adult or prohibited by law content (for instance, alcohol, tobacco, guns or violence related content and etc.). Same rule works with advertisers in the system.

Is it possible to participate both as an Advertiser and a Publisher in the system?

We do have such opportunity. Simply sign up as a Publisher and as an Advertiser, submitting two different email addresses in the registration form.

What is your payment model? Do you provide with pre-payments or fixed payments?

We work on a cpc based payment model. Due to the nature of ads we work with, we pay per clicks only and we don't provide neither fixed nor pre-payments.

What will my earnings depend on?

Your earnings will depend on the number of installed widgets, chosen category of ads, placements, your daily traffic and your main geos. So, to determine your future earnings, it's advised to run a test-mode for a chosen time-period.

What is meant by the test-mode? Is it a paid option?

Even using our system in the test-mode for a chosen time-period, you are free to withdraw money earned by your website.

What are your payment terms?

There are two payment services available in our system: Webmoney and Paypal. Payments are made every Friday. The minimum amount to withdraw is $25.

Which period of cooperation are you expecting on?

You may define the period of collaboration with our company yourself. You are free to break it off once you wish to. Simply delete codes of our ad units of your site.

How can I track the statistics of my campaign?

After the registration is completed, you will receive an auto generated letter with your login details. Sign up in the system to manage your ad units, track the statistics and withdraw your earnings. We highly recommend to check the results of our ads in a few days after your campaign starts.

How to create ad units?

Please use this manual to learn of how to register in the system, create/manage your widgets and etc.:

Is it allowed to install same code at different pages of my site or even at different sites?

You may install one code of the widget/banner on different pages of your site (inner pages, home page). Kindly note that installing of the same code at one same ad placement on your website is allowed.

We don't recomment to use one code on different sites. Please install the code at that specific website it is created for.

What types of ad units do you offer? Do you have widgets compatible with mobile devices?

We offer widgets, banners, ad units for mobile devices, pop-up ads and many others. You may learn more about ad types available in the system followimng this link. All of represented ad units are compatible with mobile devices.

Can I set up Advertisers related to the content of my website to be displayed in widgets?

It's possible to choose the most relevant ad category for your website in the widget. You may see some of available verticals here. The opportunity to set up Advertisers by their domains is being developed at the moment.

Which countries are in your main interest? Do you use geotargeting?

We work worldwide. Ad units are automatically targeted. Ads run in English, Russian or French languages.

How to install a code of the widget? What should I do if it's not displaying on my website?

Simply copy and paste the code into the 'body' of your site.

Kindly note that an ad unit starts displaying correctly in 10-15 minutes after its creation.

Also, to solve the problem, try to re-install the code. Remove current one and install it once again. Also, check how your HTML processor works. In case it adds any additional tags or letters into the code, the widget will be working incorrectly.

Can you install the code at my website yourself?

Unfortunately, we do not offer such option. It's beyond our scope.

Who should I contact for further information and assistance?

Feel free to contact our Sales and Account managers at: - Helena Boris - Anastasiia Rudkovsky

They are always at your service!