Ads format

Now, with the help of RTBsystem, all possible types of advertising blocks containing native ads can be placed on your website. Native Ad is a short text message about a good or service with a picture.

Advertising blocks may have the traditional format of wide-spread banners and the individual design created together with our team specifically for your resource.

In the long term, you will be able to use all forms of online advertisement – different kinds of banners, text ads, video and animated films from the largest international context advertisement networks.

You have to highlight the advertising platforms on the website, choose the forms of the ad and kinds of advertising content (from the most conservative to acceptably frivolous) which you would like to expose on your website. The auction will choose the ad which suits every single user’s interests and needs.

Need help? Any questions? Write to your manager.

We are ready to help you with choosing the platforms for placing your ads, making them noticeable and attractive for users without damaging the websites’ style and usability. All you need is to register on RTBsystem and write a letter with your offers or recommendations to your manager.

Always hit the target

RTBsystem developed the most detailed targeting system for your platform to get profits and fit our giant Internet user database. We know exactly:

  • From what country and city the visitor came from;
  • The time in his/her location zone;
  • The language he/she speaks;
  • The device he/she uses at the moment;
  • The browser and the speed of opening your website;
  • His/her sex and age;
  • What he/she searches on the Internet.

You do not have to guess your average user’s interests and wishes – the system will analyze it individually and show him/her the most relevant ads from the advantageous advertising network, increasing the possibility of clicking your ad by up to 100 percent. No more irritating ads! The advertisement has only one function –earning money for you!


Link to dozens of advertising networks with only one source is no longer just a fantasy! You are now able to spread your advertisements through many channels on a near-infinite number of platforms, in full compliance with personalized and targeted settings of ads on RTBsystem. You pay absolutely no fees for it!