Main steps to start your campaign

Step 1

Register in the system following this link

Fill in the registration form

After you submit the registration form, you will receive appropriate message

You will receive an auto generated letter with your login details in 5-10 minutes

Step 2

Enter your Account using previously received login details

Follow below instructions to change your password.

Click on 'Profile' and fill in your new password

Step 3

Add your site into the System before you start creating widgets. Mouse over 'Profile' and click on 'Publisher Dashboard'

Go to the section 'Sites'

Click the button 'Add a new site'.

For successful registration fill in all bold lines in the application form. Click 'Add the site' when finished.

Your site will appear in the site list:

You can manage your site data by clicking on 'Edit' button

Step 4

When being moderated, your site will be marked as blocked one in the site list

When your site is moderated (checked), you can start creating widgets. You will see the following marks after your site is active (checked):

Step 5

You may start creating widgets. Go to the section 'Widgets' in your Dashboard

Mouse over 'Create' and choose 'Widget'. You will see an example of creation of a standart widget. Exchange widgets are to be prepared the same way.

Fill in the application form (bold lines are obligatory). Kindly note, that widget will be automatically attached to your site. If several sites are added in the System, you will have an opportunity to choose one. In case your site is being moderated at the moment, it won't be shown in the list.

Use ScreenTips when creating a widget

Click on 'Add widget' button to save it

After the widget is saved, you will be redirected to the preview page with a code of the widget

Step 6

Click on the 'Preview' button to check appearance of the widget and get the code. Click on the 'Edit' button to update your widget.