Link to dozens of advertising networks with one source is no longer just a fantasy! You are now able to leverage this new technology and spread your advertisements through many channels on a near-infinite number of advertiser platforms, in full compliance with personalized and targeted ads on RTBsystem. You pay no fees! Real Time Bidding is here from the United States, where it has dominated more than 10% of the market in just a couple of years. Clicks are bought at retail, instead of a wholesale.


Profitable usage of advertising offers at your website means to sell it at the highest price! Make this possible with us!

On the one hand, RTBsysten uses the information of multiple ad networks, and on the other, of each visitor of your website.

Hence, in a split second our system exposes the most profitable advertisiment, defining it for every unique visitor of your resource. Install our native ad units at your site and manage your campaigns at your option if needed. The rest will be done by the system itself!

Ad Networks

Global expansion of your advertising network is not just a dream! We work with all kinds of advertising formats and payment services. Traffic quality examination makes your Advertisers convertible. Ad network is able to make 'white' and 'black' lists of websites, to exclude its ads from undesirable platforms. When integrating, we consider all of your wishes and abilities, with no additional efforts at your side. Tell us what are you looking for, and we will find the solution!

Special Offers

Bonus Native Ads

Bonus Ad Unit

Earn money and increase visitors to your website absolutely for free!

Informer for random visitors

Widget shown to casual users

Monetise traffic from casual visitors!

Informer for 'dormant' visitors

Widget for inactive visitors

Monetise traffic from inactive users!

About project

RTBsystem is an automatic system of managing and controlling of advertisement. It was founded in July 2013 by a team with 10 years experience at online advertising markets in Russia, Ukraine, USA, countries of Europe Union and others. Our team was the first to create and launch the idea of online advertising projects, which are successfully operating within former CIS countries to present day. The idea of RTB technology itself was borrowed from the United States, where it had dominated more than 10% of the market (with annual sales of $1.5 Billion) in just a couple of years. After a deep analyse of strengths and weaknesses of our forecrops, we have made the strongest and the most perfect Real Time Bidding technology nowadays.